0.5Ton-10Ton (Ultra Low Headroom)
Ultra Low Headroom electric chain hoist is uniquely designed to have a shorter headroom than that of standard electric chain hoist, the product is the most suitable for installation which requires a low ceiling of building or maximizes effective lift, the left trolleys are available as option (could be plain trolley, geared trolley or motorized trolley)
Product Details

● Compact body - small cubage and lightweight
● Smooth, convenient and ergonomic operation
● Reliable safety
● Enhanced durability
● Easier maintenance
● Environmentally friendly
● Nice appearance
● Low noise

Capacity 0.5Ton-10Ton (Ultra Low Headroom)
Standard Lift 3 m
Use Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Right
Drive Mode Motor
Sling Type Chain
Operation With pedant cable push button or remote control
Power Supply 220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
Control Voltage 24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
H.S. Code 84251100
Package Plywood case

Electric Chain Hoist is a new style and small lifting equipment, is an ideal tool to lift heavy objects, load and unload, maintain equipment. Also called Electric hoist, Electric lifting hoist, Monorail hoist, Powered hoist, Powered chain hoist, Hoist.
It uses squirrel cage motor for driving.

It is widely used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power, construction building site, dock and warehouse.

Detailed Description
1. Shell

They are made of Light aluminum alloy through compression casting formation.
Advantages: Solid and light but hard
Fast release heat
Continuous use
Enclosed structure
Can be used in the terrible work environment with a high heat dissipation rate and all tightness design. such us chemical plants, electroplating factories, and other places.
2. Support frame
The loading support frame consists of two steel plates, which is extremely sturdy.
3. Side magnetic braking device
It is the latest design which is featured for generating magnetic force.
This masterly structure ensure the hoist absolutely safety when the power off. And ensures it is safe when overload.
Also it combines to the motor braking as the double brake system to strengthen security and durability.
4. Inverse phase sequence protecting device
It is the special electrical installation which controls the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.
Advantages: When power-supply wiring mistake, the control circuit is unable to move.
5. Limit switch
The limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.
6. Transformer: 24V/36V transformer device
It is used to prohibit the emergencies from occuring in case of the leakage in the switch.
It guarantees safe while use in rain.
7. Gear
The gear is made of alloy steel and through the heat treatment.
8. Hooks
They are made by hot forging and heat treatment with perfect strength that is hard to break, the operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degree rotation and safety tongue piece (latch).
9. Chain
It is made of FEC80 ultra strong heat treatment aluminum alloy steel.
Advantages: It is safely approximately when used in the rain water, the sea water, under the chemical and other bad conditions.
10. Chain bag/container
It is light, handsome and durable.
11. Push button
Waterproof push botton is applied, it is light and durable, come with the E-stops.
12. Classification: M4, M5 (ISO); 1Am, 2m (FEM); H4 (ASME)
Insulation grade: F
Suspension varieties: Hook, manual trolley, motorized trolley
Operating temperature: -20 to 40 ℃ (-4 to 104 °F)
Operating humidity: 85% RH or less.
13. Protection class (hoist and push button): IP54 (standard)
Standard one is for indoor use, It is suitable for outdoor operation but need to avoid directrain.
protection class should be improved (IP55) if for outdoor use, otherwise, Motor may be burned.
14. Noise (single/ dual speed): 81dB.
15. Bumpers

Optional, there are two kinds: plastic and silica gel
16. Hermetical treatment
Optional, we use non hole seal (normal one has hole) special for IP55, the water could not get in.
17. Outside overload protector
18. Spring
Rotation direction: right
Heat treatment: HRC44-50
Surface oxidation treatment
19. Adjustment value of brake
It is adjusted according to glide quantity measuring condition when rated loading is made on test bed, after using some time the glide quantity will increase, it could be adjusted by special tools for brake screw. We can supply a brake tools before delivery if needed.
Trolley brake could not be adjusted (pad thickness is 4mm for all capacity trolley)
20. Gear box oil adding
ISO46 refrigerating machine oil, 0.7L-3L according to different capacity. If oil leaking is in electric parts, need to clean firstly.
21. Others
For Dual voltage, only single speed is available.
For Single voltage, dual speed is available.
(Reason: motor is too small and impossible for wiring 4 lines if dual voltage, dual speed)

Tips after receiving electric chain hoist:
① The bottom hook does not swivel
Molding powder is a little thick and tighten, pls swivel for some times and could be rotated, since there is no grease in the bearing (not greased prior to shipping).
② Squeaking on motion sometimes
Side rollers do not have bearing and are not lubed, It would be nice for to spray with a dry lithium lube or something that will not drip, and it will not squeak.
③ The hoist breaks do not fully open and they are not stuck
Find a copper stick, remove the plastic cover of motor, beat motor shaft for 2-3 times.
Problem: usage time is long.
④ Operated the hoist with out any load and it worked correctly for up and down motion, But it tested with load and the hoist could not hold the load or pass the load test.
Move the limit switch up and down for several times, and operate the hoist again.
Problem: limit switch is blocked.